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We offer a wide variety of incentives.


The Surry County Economic Development Partnership helps new and existing companies understand the incentive and grant process. We have extensive knowledge about state and local programs.  Historically, there are two types of incentives and grants a company could apply for: programs offered at the state level, and/or programs offered at the local level.  

Our organization will help determine if your company is eligible, and will assist you through the process. All incentive and grant programs are contractual at both the state and local level; they are also performance based, meaning your company must invest money and create jobs before you receive the incentive.  Please contact our organization to learn more.

Surry County has two Opportunity Zones for your business

Your business gets tax breaks in three ways

Investments made by qualified entities known as Opportunity Funds into certified Opportunity Zones will receive three key federal tax incentives to encourage investment in low-income communities including:

  • Temporary tax deferral for capital gains reinvested in an Opportunity Fund
  • Step-up in basis for capital gains reinvested in an Opportunity Fund
  • Permanent exclusion from taxable income of long-term capital gains

Zoom in and explore each zone

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Incentives for starting or building your business in Surry County

The State of North Carolina, the County of Surry and the four municipalities partner in proactively identifying Incentive and Grant opportunities for relocating and expanding companies based on new taxable investments including new construction, facility up-fit, and investments in machinery and equipment as well as new job creation.

The State of North Carolina currently provides discretionary and tax incentives to qualifying businesses in Surry County based on its Tier 1 designation.  The state’s incentives are described as follows:

  • One NC Fund
  • Job Development Investment Grants
  • Infrastructure Grants
  • Sales and Use Tax Exemptions, Refunds and Discounts
  • Building Reuse Grant
  • Community Development Block Grants
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds
The County of Surry historically partners with the municipalities to develop an incentive agreement based on a case-by-case project to maximize the overall incentive opportunities and usually with a matching component.  The municipality and County incentives are described as follows:

  • Land
  • Property Tax Incentives
  • Infrastructure Assistance
  • Some Negotiable Fees
  • Matching Grant Programs

North Carolina’s Community College Systems and Workforce Development Boards offer economic development tools for job creation with training and recruiting through regional and local community colleges.  The Surry Community College Customized Industrial Training Program allows for new grants and continual employee training based on the company’s training plans and needs.  (Amounts vary depending on project and job creations and approved by state appointee.)

Also, the County of Surry and the municipalities will pursue other grant opportunities through Golden Leaf Foundation based on the project specifications.

A detailed description of these incentives can be found at the North Carolina Department of Commerce Web site at


“The resources and assistance provided by the Surry County Economic Development Partnership, the City of Mount Airy, the Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce and Surry Community College were essential to the success of our start up venture.”—Andrew Clabough, President, Willow Tex, LLC


“Insteel has operated manufacturing facilities in Mount Airy continuously since 1953.  We have grown to become the nation’s  largest producer of steel wire products for concrete reinforcing applications with a footprint that includes ten manufacturing facilities located  in eight states.”— H.O. Woltz President and CEO


“SouthData is one of four national production facilities in OSG. Far from the big cities of our other locations, Surry County offers a trainable labor pool, shorter commutes, lower cost of living and beautiful surroundings.”— John Springthorpe President/COO, OSG Billing Services



“Our local manufacturing plant is one of our most productive and successful and we plan to continue investing and growing locally.” — H.O. Woltz President and CEO

Renfro Corporation is an industry-leading, multinational corporation headquartered in Mt. Airy. Resources and infrastructure are convenient and low cost; however, our greatest asset is our people. Our associates are knowledgeable, hard-working and enthusiastic and include Surry County natives as well as people from around the state, country and the world. Most live here but many commute from easily accessible communities in the Triad.—Renfro Corporation

“This is a place where you can contribute to the community and to your bottom line.”— John Springthorpe President/COO, OSG Billing Services

“We can say without hesitation that Mount Airy and Surry County offer superb quality of life for our people and a hospitable business environment.”— H.O. Woltz President and CEO

“Mount Airy has a small town feel with close proximity to larger cities and airports via 52 and 77.  Training grants and programs through Surry Community College and the top ranking/performing school systems in this area were considered a strong asset for providing the workforce skill sets needed for the company’s advanced manufacturing technology.”—Andrew Clabough, President, Willow Tex, LLC

Our people enjoy and appreciate the many advantages that the city and the county offer to their families and to our company. Whether you live here or commute to work here, Mt. Airy and Surry County offer significant advantages for businesses.—Renfro Corporation

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